The subject is immense

and one in which everyone seems to have some knowledge.

whether it be great or small.

However I am not equipped to inform you of the perceived qualities

of ' Fine Wines '.

Nevertheless I do enjoy visiting the local

vineyards to have a ' dégustation '.

Wine has been produced in Provence to a greater or lesser

degree for around 2600 years and has been

cultivated since the middle ages, although it is only in

the last 30 years or so that these regional wines have

gained notoriety.

I am informed Provence is the only French wine region

outside Bordeaux that has developed a classified

ranking for wine estates

( Burgandy, Champagne, and

Alsace classify their vineyards as areas, not wine estates )

There are 11 or so official wine appellations in Provence,

Coteaux de Bandol, Cassis, Coteaux d'Aix en Provence,

Coteaux de Pierrevert, Cotes-de-Provence, Sainte Victoire,

Côtes du Rhone, Coteaux Varois, Les Beaux de Provence

and Palette.

If you think of a summer wine, I am sure a Provençal pale dry

elegant Rosé will suffice and epitomise those

balmy summer days, and warm evenings.

Provence will be everything you hoped for...

that I am sure of.

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