Provence is a land of sunshine and hospitality,

with a rather simple laid back approach to life.

This can be perceived as good or bad depending upon

which way you look at it.

But after having been there even a short while, one begins

to lose the stress and pressure that modern life can bring,

and you too would soon slip into this carefree lifestyle.

It is interesting that Provence is older than France itself,

initially being a separate Roman Province with it's own very

strong accented dialect.

Wherever you go you will experience this relaxed attitude

to life, from the appreciation of a glass of wine,

to a gastronomic feast, using local produce along with

fine fragrances created from herbs of the hillsifdes.

Art plays a major roll in most peoples lives with

an abundance of art galleries and museums.

Fashion is casual but smart, and even the visiting public

insist on making purchases of modern Provençal style

living to take home.

There is classical music, jazz, ballet, dancing in the street,

street singers, and opera...something for everyone

and every taste.

What is better than sitting in the sunshine at your local café

with the aroma of good coffee, a croissant or glass of wine,

reading the local newspaper or listening to the buzz

of conversation.

Sit back and relax

this is  Provence !!

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