I want those who come in contact with my work to feel they are part of me and my observation of the country I love.

I want my paintings to have evidence of energy and yet to show the peace God wants us all to have as

we look upon His wondwerful creation.

"At best all I can do is to copy in my style what He has already created "

My paintings  are subtle, sensual and as aromatic as the country I am portraying; where morning mists, shimmering

light and intensity of heat are reflected in my work.

The slow painstaking build up of the finished picture and my curious love affair with France

shows itself in every stroke of colour used.

Colour intensifies the drama of the encounter, rhythmic use of soft pastel energises the surface used reminding

us that we are confronting a roughly hewn constructed piece of work, where each stroke of colour

has been thoughtfully and carefully placed.

The  light throughout Provence where I now live has inspired artists down through the years.

The brightness and purity that exaggerate shadow  and colour  have drawn many renowned artists

to capture it's special qualities on canvas.

I too am drawn to the same landscape to paint in my own distinctive style of impressionism

It was Thomas Jefferson who said  Every man has two countries: His own and France.

It was Salvador DalĂ­ who said

Quote: Have NO  FEAR of PERFECTION you'll NEVER reach it