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An Original Painting created on location

Medium - Unison Soft Pastel

email dbwelsh@aol.com

or Mobile 07702 273140

if outside the UK 0044 7702273140

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6 After  weeks  and weeks of  scorching  sunshine  the  earth  

was  dry  parched  and  cracked .... But  today,

the  heavens  opened  and the  rain drenched

the Olive  trees  of  Provence along with myself.

Sadly the larger painting of the image you can see

was destroyed,

I then endeavoured to

keep the section shown, but that didn't work out either.

I'm  showing this because I liked it at the time and it does

remind me of the day itself !!

Sadly again for me It  doesn't exist anymore.

Now ... when I look upon the painting it reminds me of the

verse in the Bible where we are told

when Jesus ascended into heaven

so will it be when He returns at the time of the second coming.