The Light in Provence is dramatic and full of energy..It stimulates, It gives vibrancy, it enhances colour and can be gentle and kind,but has a definate character of its own. The Online Gallery will take you on a journey and introduce you to a Land that stimulates the senses .

New impressionist paintings of Provence showing the ruggedness of the Provençal landscape, mountains, magnificent thunder clouds, the Mistral that brings unwelcome winds

to the crops and vineyards of the region, the glistening shimmering sunlight through avenues of Plane trees, early morning mists, the blossom of early spring, and wild seascapes of North West France.

A  region of  outstanding  beauty  and  gateway  to  the  South  of  France.

I  want  the  Provence  I paint to  be  sensual  and  aromatic,  with morning  mists,

shimmering  light, and where intensity  of  heat  is  reflected  in  every  stroke  of colour  used.

I want colour  to  intensify  the drama  of  the  encounter,

rhythmic  use  of  soft  pastel  to  energise the  surface  used.

I want  to  remind  the  viewer  that  they  are  confronting  an artfully constructed  piece of  work.

These vibrant  and  yet mellow  paintings  of  Provence  have  been produced  to give

a  spiritual  calmness  of  an  amazing  landscape  that  once  seen  in  reality

you  will  find  almost  unimaginable  to  want  to  leave  behind.