Paintings of Provence. Paintings that take you on a journey through the Vaucluse and the LUBERON. Paintings that create a sensual delight of Provence. target="_blank">Web Analytics Made Easy -

Latest  update 26 January  2022

Provence today seems to resonate with Lavender fields, sunflowers and wild poppies and revolve around painters such as Paul Cézanne, Vincent van Gogh, and others of similar renown. While this is beautiful in itself it only touches upon the simple and aesthetic beauty of this region called "The Provence".

I want you to see and enjoy the ruggedness of the wild landscape, Mountains, magnificent thunder clouds, the Mistral that brings unwelcome winds

to the crops and vineyards of the region, the glistening shimmering sunlight through avenues of Plane trees, early morning mists, even the blossom of early springtime.

Where do I stop trying to enhance a beauty that was there long before I discovered it many years ago.