davidwelsh-artist and painter of provence
Colours of Provence
provence awakens the senses, a symphony of colour awaits your eyes
Provence awakens the senses.
A symphony of colour awaits your eyes.
Joyful sounds in the market place, the
clink of wine glasses and the smell
of rich coffee.
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Follow the footsteps of Van Gogh
Gauguin, Paul Cézanne and others
whose love affair with Provence has
inspired them, and still inspires others to immortalise  this beautiful region.
Provence is a region of outstanding
cultural interest. Wherever you go you
will experience a feast of art,
gastronomy, fashion, craft, music, dance, ancient history & museums.
Provence was the first area  in France to be planted with grapes around 600 
B.C.by the Greeks. The Romans built on
what the Greeks started. And today...it
just gets better.